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If I Only Had More Money, Then I Would…

May 26th, 2011 at 02:46 pm

The original post can be found here: Debt Free

I’ve thought it. You’ve thought it. Most every member of lower to middle-class America has thought it.

If I only had more money…

…then I’d be happy.
…then I would be more generous.
…then I could pay off my debt.
…then I could follow my dreams.
…then I could pay for my kids to go to college.
…then I could retire well.

I once spoke to a gentleman when I was working in the mortgage industry. He wanted to refinance his home because he was drowning in his mortgage payment.

When we spoke, he had

- $600 in checking
- $1,200 in savings
- $120,000 in retirement savings
- And over $246,000 in debt…NOT including his home.

His credit score was a 585. He had 98 separate late payments on his credit report and he had $20,300 worth of debt that was in collections.

And the kicker? The man I was speaking to…WAS A DOCTOR! This 12 year physician had an annual income in excess of $200,000. He was earning nearly 5 times the national average. Yet he couldn’t pay his bills and he was drowning in debt and payments.

Earning more income and having more money WILL NOT cause you to win financially. No matter what your income is, this truth remains: You have to live on less than you make! If you spend more than you make, you will be BROKE!

The Bible has a good tidbit of wisdom on this subject:

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” –Luke 16:10

That’s not religious or spiritual mumbo-jumbo. That’s just common-sense. If you blew $500 of my money, why in the world would I trust you with $5,000. If you don’t budget a small income, why would you think you could budget a larger one? If you aren’t able to manage a small amount of money, why do you think you could manage more?

Whether you make $20,000 per year or $200,000 per year, you have to make the conscience decision to budget and plan and manage it. No matter how much money you have, you have to be intentional in the way you use it.

You can reach your financial goals and you can have the life you want. But it’s up to you to make the choices and take the steps to get there! Now get about the business of making it happen.

Yours In Freedom,


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10 Responses to “If I Only Had More Money, Then I Would…”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Well said!

  2. Credito Pessoal Says:

    I would stop working and travell around the world, Good enough?

  3. Shiela Says:


  4. clintdavis Says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    Credito...I think you may have missed the point.

  5. Jerry Says:

    It is totally a mindset, and there are plenty of doctors, lawyers, and other professionals who make a ton of money... and spend a ton more than they make. I have a friend who is a physician who literally lives from paycheck to paycheck on almost 300k per year, because he has absolutely no insurance of a saving mindset, eats almost every meal at fancy restaurants (he is single), and it just leads me to shake my head. He's a really nice guy, and a good doc, but he is throwing away a golden opportunity to save for a bright future and be able to afford to do some real good with that money...

  6. clintdavis Says:

    You are absolutely right, Jerry. It's sad to see someone squander their income and essentially stay broke. It's especially sad when it's someone who could easily be set for life and could easily leave an inheritance to his great-grandchildren.

    If you don't live on less than you make...no matter how much you make...you will be broke!

    Thanks for sharing Jerry!

  7. LuckyRobin Says:

    That's one of my favorite Bible verses. It reminds me to be responsibe with what I have. If you put the words "Because I stick to my budget," in place of "If I only had more money," it turns everything on it's head in an interesting way, doesn't it?

    Because I stick to my budget I can pay off my debts.
    Because I stick to my budget I can send my kids to college.
    Because I stick to my budget I can be more generous.

    I don't have to make more money. I just have to wisely take care of what I have.

    I'm really enjoying you blog, by the way!

  8. LuckyRobin Says:

    Your blog, not you blog. Silly thing logged me out when I went to edit.

  9. clintdavis Says:

    That's a great way to look at things Lucky. Personal responsibility, especially in the area of personal finance, seems to be a lost mindset for most. But we are each responsible for our finances, for our own assets, for out own future.

    Thanks for sharing your take..."Because I stick to my budget..." I love that. And I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. Thanks for your contributions!

  10. develop vocabulary Says:

    yes, again those highways, if I had more money, and when they appear, priorities and goals change at once

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