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Are You Willing To Take The Leap?

July 5th, 2011 at 02:52 pm

The original post can be found here: Debt Free

“We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal and then leap in the dark to our success.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

I read that quote recently and it really got me thinking. It seems that most people fit into one of two categories:

The first category is made up of people who don’t really have any goals. What I mean is that the people in this category just accept mediocrity and status quo. They eek their way through life, content to just go to work, earn a paycheck, pay their bills and look forward to a 2 week vacation each year. They’re always doing “just fine.”

The second category of people I call “Dreamers.” These people have big dreams and high aspirations. But their mantra is, “Someday…” Some day I’ll be debt free. Some day I’ll be wealthy. Some day I’ll pursue my passions. Some day I’ll start planning for retirement. They know they WANT better. But they never really DO anything about it.

But then there’s that tiny sliver of the population, that small percentage of folks who have a dream and reach for it. They set a goal and work for it. They make a plan and carry it out.

When it comes to taking control of your money and your life, there has to come a point when you say “THAT’S IT!” Either you’re so tired of the way things have been, or you’re so excited about what you want for the future, that you actually get up off the couch and GO FOR IT!

You may not know exactly how to get there. You may need some help and guidance along the way. But the people who achieve their goals are the ones who start walking toward them and then make the leap! They do whatever it takes! no excuses, no procrastination, no holding back! They get relentless and intense and nothing stands in their way.

So what is it you want in life? What is it that you want in your finances? Once you know those answers, it’s time to get about the business of MAKING IT HAPPEN!

So Get To It!

Yours In Freedom,


2 Responses to “Are You Willing To Take The Leap?”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Well, there is no doubt that the bulk of the population leads life in that first category, and that they often tend to make fun of the second category for their aspirations... which could be part of the reason that people fail to make the leap for the third category. A huge part of the insurance of success is just finding the courage to do it ANYWAY. Despite what people say, despite the misgivings or ridicule of others, etc., just keep pushing. It's hard, especially when people you care about are in the first two categories and refuse to move, or even to support others in moving forward.

  2. clintdavis Says:

    Hey Jerry,
    I agree with you 100%. Most people are content to sit on the sidelines and are terrified to take a risk. Anything worth doing is hard and will usually invite the ridicule of other people who thought it couldn't be done. But like you said, you have to find the courage to do it anyway!

    Thanks for your comment!

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